Smartphone sales peaked again in Malaysia in 2014: GfK
Malaysian consumers just cannot get enough of smartphones, buying more of them each year to bring annual sales volume to yet another peak in 2014 at 8.5 million units, according to GfK reports.
Boost in SEA TV sales thanks to World Cup: GfK
According to retail sales tracking by GfK, more TV sets are sold in every single market across South-East Asia in the month prior to the commencement of the FIFA World Cup in June.
Media tablet volume sales up 41% in SEA: GfK
Media tablets continue to be in strong demand across the South-East Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines in 2014 as consumers bought over 3.6 million of the popular gadget in the first four months of this year.
SEA smartphone sales hit 18mil units in Q1: GfK
Smartphone sales generated nearly US$4.2 billion in Q1 Demand for Phablets surged to over 1.1 million units
Tablet sales in Vietnam surged by 233% in first half: GfK
The tablet craze that is currently taking the world by storm has also infected the less-developed country of Vietnam, where demand has been consecutively trending up at a considerable pace in the last four quarters to reach a total of 294,000 units sold in the last 12 months, said market research firm GfK.
The economy the greatest worry for Asia Pacific consumers: GfK
According to the latest global survey by GfK, two in every five Asia Pacific consumers are worried about recession and unemployment as well as inflation and high prices, and at the same time, one in three said they are concerned about having enough money to live right and pay the bills.
Smartphone sales surging in Thailand: GfK
Take-up of smartphones in the still developing market of Thailand has been surging in recent times,  more than doubling in sales from being just one in every five handsets less two years ago to more than two in five or 42% of overall volume sales in the last 12 months.
Asia Pacific consumers demand immediate availability: GfK survey
 A recent GfK global study uncovered two key findings -- the growing importance consumers, espeically those from Asia Pacific, place on 'instant, convenient access' and 'best value' in goods and services
Corporate demand for IT hardware still high in Indonesia
According to latest GfK Indonesia results across four major IT product groups – desktop PC, laptop, monitor, and printer – the corporate sector constitutes a substantial 44% and 32% in sales value and volume to the total IT market in the country.
GfK Asia announces new GM for Malaysia office
Market research company GfK has appointed Selinna Chin as general manager of GfK Malaysia with immediate effect.
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