CityDash: Using GPS pings to track the spread of Covid
Originally tracked people-movement for city infrastructure projects Uses anonymised GPS pings to track movement, can also be repurposed for public health
Sharmila Ganapathy: My Fave 5 of 2018
Making difficult decisions is necessary for the growth of businesses and nations.
Taking the slow and steady route
Compared to other startups, American geolocation firm LotaData has chosen to take a more conservative route.
A pulse on the Asia Pacific region
Geolocation firm Pulse iD CEO Alex Topaloski talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the company’s future plans.
New rules of engagement: Location tech and customer loyalty
Personalised shopping experiences are becoming a reality and are set to aid retailers’ bid to extend customer loyalty, while geo-location can help turn them from browsers to buyers, writes Ryan Goh of Zebra Technologies.
BuzzCity launches ‘Urban Clusters’ for mobile advertisers
BuzzCity has launched its Urban Clusters feature, which it said would allow advertisers to better identify, and target key groups in cities across its emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand.
GIS company brings geotrigger tech to Malaysian e-shopping scene
Esri Inc has rolled out its geographic information system (GIS) technology in Malaysia, declaring it would ‘geotrigger’ an e-shopping revolution in the country.
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