Avatar-based events platform SoCrwd arrives in Malaysia
Created by Adnology Labs and Magnus Games, this virtual platform gamifies events and marketing by allowing consumers to attend events virtually using their avatars.
Happy employees drive revenue growth
Selfdrvn is an interactive platform that combines psychological factors with tech to increase engagement and improve employee retention.
Digerati50: The entrepreneur’s journey: Family Matters
The humbling but enriching entrepreneurial journey of Zafrul Noordin has taught him to be patient and value teamwork.
Be ready for debate, discussion and discovery with SCxSC
The 4th edition of the popular digital finance conference, SCxSC is back with a 2-day programme designed to stimulate debate, discussion and awareness around the hot topics in the world of finance and digital.
CheQQme makes the case for gamification in mobile marketing
Gamification is the name of the game that CheQQme is playing to entice online users to go to offline locations.
Taking performance management to the next level
TraitQuest founder Leonard Lee wants to change the way companies approach performance management in Malaysia
Digerati50: Cracking the Millenials Code
Lum Man Choong had his epiphany moment when realization struck that he was in the people, not software, business. Thus began his path to building his SelfDrvn talent software.
Level Up KL 2016: More to gamification than just games
Gamification may sound like a fancy videogame term but in actual fact, it is the art of taking elements found in games and applying them to the boring things that we hate to do in the real world.
Gwen Yi wants to change the lives of 30mil people
Social entrepreneur Wong Gwen Yi wants to change the lives of 30 million people before she is 30 years old, she tells Goh Thean Eu in San Francisco.
New app ‘nect’ launched, leveraging iBeacon and gamification
Hyperion Labs Sdn Bhd said it has launched its ‘nect’ app for the Android and iOS platforms, allowing consumers to harvest points at physical shops – without needing to touch their phones – and letting them redeem specials using the accumulated points.
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