It takes time to achieve dreams
It’s useful for any start-up to have a wise owl (or two) looking out for them, but both owl and start-up need to understand that sometimes it is going to take time to achieve your dreams, writes Gabey Goh.
Keep investors in the loop
As uncomfortable as the thought of investors as their ‘bosses’ may be to many founders, the fact remains that they do hold a stake and, as such, have both a voice and role to play in your company, writes Gabey Goh.
Start-ups, don’t leave your customers in the lurch
Start-ups should devote some time to thinking about the exit strategy for customers, since a great product can still disappear from the market when issues behind the scenes reach a critical stage, writes Gabey Goh.
Filling up white spaces
Providing solutions to companies rather than people is hardly a glamorous undertaking, but there is a white space there worth exploring, writes Gabey Goh.
Giving our own start-ups a fair shake
Our Gabey Goh argues that it’s time for Malaysians to support local start-ups, or we might just lag on innovation.
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