Pitches: Onus not just on startups, but judges too
When it comes to pitches, entrepreneurs need to understand that the judges have just about seen it all, while judges need to be engaged as well, and realise that livelihoods and dreams are at stake, writes Gabey Goh.
A dream of angels ... investors, that is
DNA editor Gabey Goh gives flight to a fantasy – what if she had lots of ‘moolah’ and could become an angel investor?
Beyond the bucks
Success sometimes requires having the faith to look past the bottomline The question to ask is: What is the problem you are trying to solve? I AM sometimes asked by entrepreneurs for input on what their next venture should be or whether their current idea has legs.  
Twitter’s IPO and finding the right kind of crazy
Startups in this part of the world shouldn’t look to Twitter’s great IPO as a precursor of better things to come – we’re not flush with the kind of VC money Silicon Valley enjoys, cautions Gabey Goh.
Dig deep and find a way out
One of the panel sessions at the recent GES 2013, featuring business strategy consultant Don Tapscott and entrepreneur Adeo Ressi, was a lively discussion on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, writes Gabey Goh.
Minimum viable crap and cardboard cutouts
The idea of a Minimum Viable Product or an MVP isn’t to barely do anything and then push it out into the market; that way you only end up with minimum viable ‘crap,’ says Priceline’s outspoken CEO Jeff Hoffman.
Relationships and customers
With many startups focusing on getting a product out the door, customer support is something that can get overlooked. And while customer conflicts are unavoidable, how you resolve them that determines how strong the long-term relationship will be write Gabey Goh.
Mapping out an IP strategy
The Malaysian Government has made moves towards enabling IP rights to be valued and also used as collateral to obtain financing; but companies too must look at their IP assets and prepare to either leverage or protect what they have created, writes Gabey Goh.
Don't be too much in love with your idea
Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea and the ecosystem will give you feedback stating it pretty clearly. Startup founders must decide how they want to react to poor response or suffer the consequences, writes Gabey Goh.
Bad apples in the startup ecosystem
There are bad apples in every ecosystem dragging people down, but the real question is whether Malaysia's founders can rise above it all to take it to the next level, writes Gabey Goh.
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