When women in tech 'flaunt it'
Tech blog seemingly lauds attractiveness in women in tech sector Notion of ‘women in tech’ should not be a factor in any shape or form I FOUND myself mildly offended on behalf of all apparently ‘non-attractive women in tech’ earlier this week.  
Startups slack on security
Too many startups and app developers build first and secure later Security should be a priority for any developer or startup from day one A SECURITY professional once sent me a message in response to a story I wrote about a corporate cybersecurity breach.  
A dad, a daughter and an app
Erwan’s 7-year-old daughter’s brainchild is an app available on Apple’s app store Don’t make assumptions about where the biggest markets for your app would be
The thing about hackathons
Just too many hackathons in Malaysia, with results that lead to nowhere? Benefits go beyond just creating startups, say participants and organisers I’VE always wondered about hackathons, and the role they play in the startup ecosystem.  
Early market validation is a must for startups
One of the first steps in building a business is finding out if people would be willing to pay for your product or service, but many startups seem to prefer skipping this, writes Gabey Goh.
Heigh-ho, it's off to co-working spaces we go
Lack of co-working businesses to meet the growing community of startups Successful co-working spaces are a centre of gravity for the community: Joffres
Laying down growth pipes for the startup ecosystem
Much said about funding gap, but it’s really growth stage funding that is lacking A void Mavcap and Silicon Valley’s Elixir Capital Management hope to fill
Sci-fi visions and today’s problems
Teleportation takes a backseat for Serguei Beloussov as he looks into quantum communications Don’t need to look to the future for inspiration, the present has problems that need to be plugged
Malaysian startups and the VC perception barrier
Despite its promise, Malaysia is not even looked at when VCs shop around for investments We need more exits to boost our numbers of experienced founders versed in startup pains
Startups: Taking it to the beach
A beach getaway for your startup may allow you to focus, or takes you away from essentials Still, the idea of beach-based startup hubs may be a business opportunity in Malaysia
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