Digerati50: A billion in his coffers, math in his DNA
Digital News Asia (DNA) continues a weekly series that profiles the top 50 influencers, movers and shakers who are helping shape Malaysia’s Digital Economy. These articles are from Digerati50, a special print publication released in January 2014. For information on customised reprints of Digerati50, email [email protected].
Young Filipinos take to social media, banking topics predominate
With an Internet population expected to grow to 41 million In 2014, more people in the Philippines are taking to social media sites to voice their opinions and thoughts, including issues concerning the banking, financial services and insurance industry (BFSI) in the country.
Tackling money-laundering and terrorism with technology
LexisNexis is aiming its risk management practice at helping financial institutes use technology to tackle money-laundering and cut off funding to terrorist organisations.
Innovation to determine winners and losers in financial sector
Managing complex data and its inherent risks is driving innovation that must be both rapid and decisive to keep a-pace with changes in the financial services sector, but there is clearly a disparity between the scale and urgency of the data management challenges and the industry’s response, writes Azhar Muhammad-Saul of Bloomberg.
NCR rolls outs APTRA Interactive Teller in South-East Asia
NCR Corporation has launched its APTRA Interactive Teller, a new ATM (automated teller machine) technology that makes everyday banking transactions easier for customers by allowing them to complete more than 95% of typical branch transactions at the ATM, assisted by a live remote teller, well beyond operating branch hours.
More APAC businesses adopting DDoS protection solutions
Concerns on cyber-security in the wake of increasingly high-profile threats and attacks have spurred the distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection market in Asia Pacific, according to Frost & Sullivan.
SAP appoints new senior VP and GM for financial services in APAC
SAP has appointed former Accenture man Andrew Pitcher to the newly-created role of senior vice president and general manager of Financial Services for Asia Pacific and Japan, effective immediately.
Banks should be banking on APIs and apps, not applications
Current application portfolios are preventing banks from making the transformation they need to re-engage with customers and stakeholders, according to research firm Gartner.
FSIs urged to exploit tablets
Those working in the financial services industry, especially in the corporate banking and wealth management sectors, should look into the possibility of using tablet computing as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition.
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