Fong Choong Fook

LGMS, introduces StarSentry, in-house developed plug and play box to help SMEs fend off cyber threats
2-year R&D effort, launch comes on heels of national Cybersecurity Bill 2024  AI chatbot to be latest feature added to help bolster undermanned SMEs cope with threats
CyberSecurity Malaysia, LGMS collaborate to address SME cybersecurity weakness
Lack of awareness over cybersecurity poses risk to their operations  Complexity and cost often a deterrence to implementing effective measures
Finland’s WithSecure unveils AI-enhanced cybersecurity for businesses, partners with Malaysia’s LGMS
Reliance on global platforms, cloud services demands cybersecurity strategy Made-in-Malaysia StarSentry solution, state-of-art, plug-and-play cybersecurity model
Digerati50: A hand at cyber-securing Malaysia
A hacker at heart, Fong established the largest Malaysian company specialising in keeping systems safe through penetration tests and accreditation
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Digerati50 2020-2021

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