Week in Review: What’s Next ‘disrupted’ by Tony Fernandes
What else but What’s Next could be on Karamjit Singh’s mind for this week’s column? He talks about how Tony Fernandes ‘disrupted’ DNA’s conference, and about an innovation panel session next week.
When your startup fails: Managing investors
When your startup fails – and most of them do – having to let go of staff is tough, but managing investors may be just as bad or even worse, writes Gabey Goh.
Startups, so you want a revolution? Think ‘business’ instead
Veteran tech entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov argues for more conventional business thinking in the startup space.
Week in Review: Attitudes towards failure changing
Tech ecosystem becoming more open towards those who tried Society at large too shows greater respect for entrepreneurship
Unseen gap in ecosystem, and techies in their cocoons
There are two things missing in the Malaysian startup ecosystem -- sufficient English language proficiency and an emotional support system for entrepreneurs, writes DNA founder Karamjit Singh.
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