A cybercriminal’s guide to exploiting DNS
Cybercriminals are experts at DNS, and can exploit DNS because most people do not fully understand it yet, writes Ken Pohniman of Infoblox.
The road less travelled: Hacker Lyon Yang’s penetration tales
As a penetration tester, hacker Lyon Yang is pretty much an outlier in South-East Asia, and will be speaking on router and IoT vulnerabilities at the upcoming HITBGSEC Singapore conference.
21st Century Risk Management Part 1: Managing risk means taking risks
If we could put a man on the moon during the height of the hippie generation, why is it so hard to secure our computing environments?
Hackers taking rootkit exploits to the next level: F-Secure (Updated)
While there has been no single major event that dominated the information security threat landscape in the last half of 2012 as in previous years, several new trends are beginning to surface that should be of concern to both general consumers and enterprises, notes a new study.  
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