The new science minister … who again? (Updated)
Little is known of the new science minister aside from a sketchy Wikipedia page, but the ICT industry is hopeful both he and new Communications minister  can make a difference and spur the local ecosystem.
Malaysian firms are lucky, perhaps too much so
DNA columnist Bernard Sia looks at the mountain that needs to be scaled in order for Malaysia to become a serious contender in global outsourcing.
The reality of Malaysian schools at odds with nation's aspirations
Malaysians are well acquainted with our nation’s desire to become a high-income economy, but this aspiration is harshly juxtaposed against the realities of many classrooms across the nation.
ETP Annual Report vague on actual achievements for business services
Digital News Asia begins its examination of the 2012 ETP Annual Report with a look at the goal of creating a data center hub, which sits under ‘Business Services,’ one of 11 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs).
Week in Review: Data centers, unsung heroes and digital economy drivers
If there was one take-away from the Second International Datacentres Malaysia Summit in Kuala Lumpur earlier this week, it’s that the data center industry gets no love, despite being the lynchpin of the digital economy, writes A. Asohan.
Malaysia’s data center industry hits US$133mil in revenue
The data center industry in Malaysia is on track to hit RM400 million (US$133 million) or higher in revenues in 2012, after recording revenues of RM320 million (US$106 million) in 2011. The Government is also tageting revenues of RM480 million (US$160 million) for 2013.
Leading international speakers at KL data center summit
BroadGroup, together with the Multimedia Development Corporation, announced it will host the second international data center summit, Datacentres Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur from Jan 16-17, 2013.
Malaysian Govt website and portal ratings see a drop
The Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessment (MGPWA) 2012 report saw a drop in the number of such sites with five- and four-star ratings, despite public services delivery improvement being a key part of the administration’s transformation program.
Malaysia’s racial policy rears its head in ICT sector
A new initiative to upgrade Malay or bumiputera entrepreneurs in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector is in danger of being hijacked by Malaysia’s race-based preference policies.
Tech-based projects a drag on otherwise robust ETP
Pemandu CEO Idris Jala gave many examples that illustrated the strong progress made for Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Program, but what stood out was the fact that two technology-related projects loomed large among the few projects that stalled or did not take off at all.
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