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Fortinet appoints ACA Pacific Technology as distributor for Malaysia & Singapore
New strategic partnership to accelerate Fortinet's push into large organizations ACA’s reseller base in smaller cities and in East Malaysia a key target for Fortinet
Beware ‘street BYOD,’ say Gartner analysts
Organisations in Asia Pacific, where there are quite a number of emerging economies, are a bit behind the curve when it comes to enterprise BYOD, but are starting to imrpove, accordoing to Gartner analysts.
Cisco boosts security appliances with advanced malware protection
Cisco has added Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), originally developed by Sourcefire, into its Content Security Portfolio of products, including Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security Service.
New solution stops advanced threats within milliseconds, claims McAfee
McAfee has announced, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, which combines local and global threat intelligence information and enterprise-wide security products into one cohesive integrated security system.
Information security is about you … yes, you!
When it comes to security, don’t ignore people. Organisations should define, strategise, deliver and verify a comprehensive information security awareness programme for the workforce, writes Sivanathan Subramaniam of Cyber Intelligence.
Sophos uses new approach for encryption
Sophos has announced a new approach to data protection with the latest release of Sophos SafeGuard Encryption 6.1, which it said addresses the two biggest issues in encryption – performance and usability.
Security is a process
There’s an important role for the security experts who build the policies that ensure security and compliance within the organisation, and there’s an equally important role for the programmers who develop the software -- but the two are quite distinct from each other, writes Kunaciilan Nallappan of F5 Networks.
The interconnected environment and businesses
What does the IoT era actually mean for the IT department? How will this new environment impact the way organisations manage their technologies? Lawrence Garvin of SolarWinds has some thoughts on this.
Five trends that will shape IT decisions in 2014
New trends, including the explosion of data, cloud computing and the multitude of personal devices on the corporate network, are fast changing the way organisations traditionally manage their business, writes KT Ong of Dell Malaysia.
Security needs to focus beyond networking layer: Oracle
Many organisations have a disconnected view on how they are securing their IT infrastructure, according to a recent report by CSO Custom Solutions Group and Oracle, which showed that close to 66% of companies had most of their IT resources allocated to protecting the networking layer.
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