Energy Efficiency

Alibaba Cloud launches carbon management solutions
Alibaba Cloud has announced the global launch of Energy Expert, a sustainability platform to help customers worldwide measure, analyse and manage the carbon emissions of their business activities and products. 
EverComm out to help manufacturers save energy
Singapore-based startup EverComm wants to help the semiconductor industry locate and reduce energy waste.
For gridComm, it’s all about power … saving it, that is
Singapore-based startup gridComm believes that the best way for cities to control streetlights would be to use the power lines as a network, and many cities certainly agree with its approach, writes Benjamin Cher.
Not enough green, too much apathy in data centre industry
Singapore’s data centres have a history of being energy-inefficient, but things look set to change with the Government stepping in with guidelines and policies for making data centres ‘greener’ – but more can be done, according to Bob Sharon, CEO of Green Global Solutions.
Malaysian government agency in MoU for green data centre push
GreenTech Malaysia has signed a memorandum of understanding with Green Data Center LLP and Computer Recovery Facility Sdn Bhd that it hopes will lead to greater energy efficiency in the data centre sector.
Radio mashups can cut network energy cost by half: Bell Labs research
Bell Labs, the industrial research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, said that today’s ultra-broadband mobile networks can make significant energy savings and performance gains by deploying a mix of macro and small cell radio base stations.
Smart buildings for efficient energy management
Xchanging’s Udaya Shankar looks at the energy management benefits of the ‘smart building.’
A 'fluid' way to cool high-density data centres
New immersion cooling technology drastically cuts energy and space costs Key to technology are new techniques and new super fluid by 3M 
NEC in smart energy partnership with Singapore’s Economic Development Board
NEC Asia Pacific has announced a partnership with Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) to develop smart energy products and solutions in the city-state.
TM R&D aligned with its parent company
DNA founder Karamjit Singh finds that TM R&D has moved away from its slow past and is morphing into a more dynamic organisation.
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