DNA Test

DNA Test: Huawei’s Honor 4X not quite that ho-hum
Edwin Yapp takes Huawei's mid-range Honor 4X for a test drive and comes back fairly impressed.
DNA Test: HTC takes the safe but boring route with One M9
DNA’s Keith Liu runs the HTC One M9 through its paces. Summary: Worth the upgrade from the M7, not so much from the M8; and the M9+ which is only available in markets like Malaysia looks the better buy.
DNA Test: Sony’s Smartwatch 3 moves from sports zero to stylish hero
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu tries out the Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition, and figures the extra dollars are worth it since it is stylish enough to be used as a fashion accessory, rather than exist as a sports band or a geek toy.
DNA Test: A middleweight fight for the ‘Note’ phablet crown
In the wake of the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao fight, DNA contributing editor Keith Liu sets up his own slugfest between the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and the Mlais M52 Red Note, two phablets that punch above their weight.
DNA Test: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu tries out the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Summary: It comes with an amazing camera experience, fantastic hardware and software capabilities, but with an eye-watering price and weak battery performance.  
DNA Test: YotaPhone 2 is a two-faced mobile wonder
Summary: It is a highly capable and well-specified Android smartphone and e-book reader in one, but the E Ink display needs to be larger and lag-free to be truly credible or comfortable to read. The high price also puts it beyond the reach of the mass market.
DNA Test: Meizu M1 Note
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu test-drives the Meizu M1 Note and finds the 5.5-inch phablet has decent performance and is surprisingly affordable, and will give the best of the Chinese big boys a run for their money.
DNA Test: Oppo R5 and N3
Keith Liu got his hands on the Oppo N3 and R5. Summary: Both have their high points, but their high prices mean that it’s not an easy purchase decision to make, and we’ll want to consider all other options before coming back to Oppo.
DNA Test: BlackBerry Classic
DNA contributing editor Keith Liu runs the BlackBerry Classic through its paces. Summary: An essential upgrade for BlackBerry users. For everyone else, the BlackBerry Classic is a retro-inspired curiosity.
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