Digital Signatures

Edward Law of Securemetric saw Digital ID’s coming – 17 years ago
Digital IDs not just a necessity but a tool for empowerment and connection Presence in 5 countries, technology being used in Singapore’s SingPass
Top In Tech: Digital Signatures: Embracing New Practices
Has same legal standing as handwritten signature, improves trust MyDigital blueprint provides boost to digital signature adoption
Top in Tech: Replacing Wet Ink and Paper for Digitalisation
Pushing for digital signatures adoption across entire public sector by 2025 Next step: public to embrace digital leadership to take it to the next level  
MyDigital: New jargon but same ol’ impediments
Dr Shawn Tan shares his thoughts on some of the low hanging fruits the government can aim for in the recently revealed MyDigital initiative.
Adobe-led consortium to develop open, cloud-based digital signature standards
Adobe has announced the Cloud Signature Consortium, a group comprising industry and academic organisations committed to building a new open standard for cloud-based digital signatures across mobile and web so that anyone can digitally sign documents from anywhere.
E-signatures, the last piece in the paperless puzzle
The industry has been going on about the paperless office for, oh well, a couple of decades now, but the reality is that the last step in almost any business process requires paper to be used to sign an agreement, invoice, or claim. Or does it?
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