Digital Parenting

Digi launches safety app for families
Digi has introduced a new mobile app that enables parents to safeguard their children’s access to the Web as well as provide some tools to monitor and keep track of them.
Parenting and the mobile phone dilemma
Today’s parents face two ubiquitous questions: Should they allow their children to own mobile phones? If so, how old should a child be? Winnie Lee has some advice.
Girls in STEM careers: It’s on you, parents!
The key to attracting girls in Asia Pacific to study STEM subjects and pursue STEM-related careers lies with families, according to MasterCard’s inaugural Girls in Tech research.
Nine coding apps for children
Is there anything that parents can do to introduce their children to coding basics? Actually, there are – here’s Winnie Lee with several apps that parents can turn to.
8 free apps that parents can rely on
With these free apps for iPhone and Android, you can keep yourself sane (and hold on to your job too!).  
Time for a Safer Smart Toy Day: F-Secure
Parents have to contend with a new challenge posed by the Internet of Things (IoT): Smart toys.  
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