Derek Manky

Fortinet predicts tipping point for cybersecurity in 2017
Fortinet has unveiled six predictions from the FortiGuard Labs threat research team about the threat landscape for 2017.
Fortinet in a fortified position in APAC, says its regional chief
Being in the pole position can make all the difference between winning the race and getting a mere participation award, and cybersecurity firm Fortinet believes it has all but clinched it.
Cyberthreat info-sharing on the rise: Fortinet expert
With cyber-attacks on the increase and the threat landscape continuing to evolve, the need for the industry to come together has never been more apparent; the good news is that it is happening.  
Black hat hackers will be more sophisticated in 2015: Fortinet
As the number of devices connected to the network increase, cybercriminals will continue to hone their prowess when it comes to IoT (the Internet of Things) attacks and advanced evasion techniques, while also continuing to exploit large-scale server-side vulnerabilities for financial gains and other nefarious purposes.
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