Censorship in Malaysia: Expect the walls to close in further
Malaysians should be very concerned with the increased cases of Internet censorship by the Government in recent months, signalling worse days ahead for freedom of expression and information in the country, CIJ warns.
Wahai para teknisi dan hacker di Asean, Apa yang bisa kalian lakukan untuk mengatasi masalah asap?
Artikel ini pertama kali ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris dan dimuat pada bulan Juni tahun 2013. Mengingat kejadian ini berulang setiap tahun dan saat ini tengah berlangsung  kami memutuskan untuk menerbitkan kembali terutama untuk pembaca kami di Indonesia.
Week in Review: The Internet, messaging apps and elections
Singaporeans go to the polls today better informed than ever, thanks to the Internet and messaging apps, says Karamjit Singh, who also is excited to welcome AM-Met-Life Insurance CEO Ramzi Toubassy the What’s Next conference.
Singapore’s polls, where politics intersects with technology
Today, Singaporeans go to the polls for the 17th time, and the 12th since Independence in 1965. Benjamin Cher looks at what role technology is playing in the island-republic’s political landscape.
Regional Conference on Media and Internet Freedom: Statement
As we conclude a regional conference discussing challenges to media and Internet freedom around Asia, we recognise and express solidarity with the ongoing movement in Malaysia for the repeal of the Sedition Act: The organisers of the Regional Conference on Media and Internet Freedom.
Time for Asean to consider risks and rewards of e-voting
In light of upcoming elections in South-East Asia and the recent commotion about alleged irregularities in Indonesia’s presidential elections this year, it is worth considering making online voting and e-voting a larger part of the political process, said security specialist McAfee.
Web Index: Malaysia ranked 37th overall, poor rating in openness
Malaysia ranked a respectable No 37 in the annual Web Index which looks at how the Web empowers people and delivers socio-economic impact , but fared poorly in terms of whether it offered ‘free and open’ access.
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