Deep Learning

GTC 2017: Nvidia aims to spread knowledge of Deep Learning
AI expert Nvidia seeks to fill the gap in knowledgeable experts in AI through its DLI initiative.
Nvidia and Microsoft team up to acclerate AI in enterprise
Nvidia is collaborating with Microsoft to accelerate AI in the enterprise by optimising the first purpose-built enterprise AI framework to run on the company's Tesla GPUs in Microsoft Azure.
Fusionex wins deal with global media conglomerate
Fusionex has won a million dollar deal with one of the world's largest providers of digital media and brand intelligence.
GTCx, a dazzling preview of the future
GTCx Australia held in Melboune provided a brief glimpse of a future which included VR simulations and virtual babies for pioneering medical research, writes Ajith Ram.
New Nvidia GPUs promise better AI
Nvidia has unveiled new Tesla P4 and P40 GPU accelerators. A single Tesla GPU server can replace 13 CPU-only servers for better AI and deep learning.  
Of AI and the human touch: EmTech Asia Day One
Despite our SF tales, the conquest of the AI overlords is not imminent, and humans will remain part of the equation for a long time, writes Benjamin Cher.
Nvidia announces ‘deep learning’ R&D centre in Singapore
Nvidia Corp has announced plans to establish the Nvidia Technology Centre Asia Pacific, which it said would be the first of its kind in the region to focus on deep learning research and development (R&D).
Singapore’s ViSenze in partnership with India’s Flipkart
India’s online marketplace powerhouse Flipkart has started rolling out image search on its mobile app, using technology from Singapore’s ViSenze for visual search and image recognition.
The brave new frontiers of computing
There is now an imminent need to look at alternative paradigms to crack problems of the Internet age which cannot be solved by classical computing, writes Chiang Kai Hua of IBM Malaysia.
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