Sharing is caring, but is it safe?
A dynamic playground for mobile apps, the sharing economy has nestled itself into almost every corner in the region.
Symantec’s 2018 security predictions
Attackers will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch even more potent attacks.
Only 19% of Malaysian consumers confident that businesses do enough to protect against cyber-attacks
How a business responds to cyber-attacks can impact consumer trust and affect brand reputation and long-term revenue.
Frost weighs in with its 2017 cyber security predictions for Asia-Pacific
Everybody has something to worry about around cyber threats says Frost & Sullivan in its 2017 cyber security predictions
2017 cyber security trends according to Sophos
2016 saw a huge number and variety of cyber-attacks, ranging from a high-profile DDoS using hijacked Internet-facing security cameras to the alleged hacking of party officials during the US election.
Akamai releases Q3 2016 State of the Internet / Security Report
Akamai Technologies, Inc, a content delivery network services player, on Nov 17 released its third quarter, 2016 State of the Internet / Security Report.
Bad omen for the IoT future
The attack recently on the core internet infrastructure is a bad omen for the imminent IoT future, writes Ajith Ram.
Mitigating cybercrime to combat security-breach domino effect
DDoS attacks are no longer ‘just an IT problem’ On-premise DDoS mitigation should be focused around a well-documented incident response plan
How to ensure you have a data-secured environment
Vishak Raman of Tata Communications on the major trends affecting organisations’ information security plans, and the best practices to securing your environment.
The war against cybercrime now rages at the app layer: F5
Cybercriminals always look for the weakest link, and these days, it is increasingly those apps we all love to use, says one security expert.
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