Data Sovereignty

Digital consumers breaking through the cloud
If you can, then take the next step in regaining control of your own data, by moving it to a service controlled by you or by those you trust. By doing so, you'll be bringing the Net one step closer back to the decentralised, egalitarian network of users that it was when it began, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
The Web is 25 years old, don’t break it
Efforts to corral data within borders dramatically alter the way that the Internet works, from shuttering the astonishing new kinds of trade made possible by the Internet to making it difficult to use cloud-based services, write Anupam Chander and Uyen Le.
Rush to regulate data sovereignty hampering cloud growth in Asia
Asia's ability to capitalise on cloud computing will be jeopardised if governments continue to rush to regulate without giving adequate consideration to consistency across the Asian region, according to research commissioned by the Asia Cloud Computing Association.
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