Data Privacy

Developing online payment systems that protect consumers
Dr Jeremy Malcolm looks at efforts to develop a common, interoperable system for e-payments, the need for such a system, and how it may affect consumers.
Countdown officially begins for PDPA compliance
Businesses and data users have three months from November 15 to ensure compliance Enforcement of the PDPA also introduces four new subsidiary legislations
Regulation: The 'bogeyman' of cloud adoption
Data privacy has been cited as one of the major impediments standing in the way of cloud computing but the issue, while significant and important, may just be a convenient bogey against its adoption, says a senior Workday Inc executive.
If it wants to, Apple can read your iMessages: Quarkslab
Security researchers have discovered a flaw which they claim gives Apple Inc the technical capability to read any iMessage, casting doubt on the company’s claim that conversations that take place over iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption.
USA vs the world: The problems with PRISM
Security professionals are 'surprised the public is surprised' over PRISM revelations Growing divide between USA and rest of the world apparent in PRISM stance
Technology's in schools, but what about data privacy?
Today, schools in Malaysia, India and around the world need to ensure their Internet service partners have good privacy and security practices in place in order to reap the benefits from an increasingly holistic and technologically-savvy education system, writes Pradeep S. Mehta.
Companies unprepared for data privacy risks
Many organizations lack the business behaviors and compliance practices necessary to adequately address growing consumer and regulatory concerns about data security and privacy, according to a new study by communications agency Edelman.
Philippines okays Data Privacy Act
A bicameral committee in the Philippines has cleared the Data Privacy Act just before Congress ended its formal session recently, but only after some contentious provisions were revised in the bill.
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