Cyber Warfare

Holistic approach to security needed: McAfee
Cyber threats are constantly testing organisational defences and evolving their attacks to find new ways to evade detection. So, unless organisations are maintaining a more dynamic and automated network response to emerging threats, the general state of readiness is less than optimal, says McAfee.
USA vs the world: The problems with PRISM
Security professionals are 'surprised the public is surprised' over PRISM revelations Growing divide between USA and rest of the world apparent in PRISM stance
Cyber-espionage and weapons on the rise in Q1: Kaspersky
The first three months of the year turned out to be full of incident, especially when it came to cyber-espionage and cyber-weapons, the experts at Kaspersky Lab said in their latest report.
Trend: Zero-day vulnerabilities dominate, increasingly destructive attacks
Trend Micro researchers have raised the alarm about zero-day vulnerabilities and expressed concerns about the recent concentrated attack in South Korea.
Malware targeting GE13, spyware maker was in KL
Malware makers are targeting the huge media interest in Malaysia’s general election, and one company was even in KL to hawk its spyware, writes F-Secure’s Goh Su Gim.
Govt malware: Why and how it’s used, and is it cyber-war?
Governments use malware to spy on other nations, but how is such cyber-espionage carried out? F-Secure Labs provides some insight.
Korean banks and media agencies under cyber-attack: Trend Micro
Trend Micro Incorporated said it has detected multiple cyber-attacks on South Korean banking corporations and media agencies.
Cyber-war: Staying clear of DDoS attacks
According to several reports, cyber-attacks recently erupted between Malaysian and Filipino hackers over the Lahad Datu intrusion. The evolution of DDoS attacks highlights the urgency with which governments and businesses must adopt a security strategy to defend themselves.
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