Cyber-crime takes almost US$600bil toll on global economy
McAfee, CSIS study finds ease of cyber-crime growing as actors leverage on black markets, digital currencies.
The world of money and espionage: Not Bond, but data breaches
Data breaches are increasing, and financial motivations appear to be behind a bulk of them, but nation-states are battling it out as well, Benjamin Cher reports.
APAC countries especially vulnerable to malware: Microsoft
The Asia Pacific region is especially vulnerable with emerging markets most at risk of malware threats, according to Microsoft Asia Pacific’s Malware Infection Index 2016 (MII2016).
There are spies in your fibre!
Fibre-optic networks were once thought impervious, but thanks to cheap off-the-shelf equipment, are now open to cyber-espionage and eavesdropping.
Encryption genie is out of the bottle: Ex-NSA director
The encryption genie has been let out of the bottle, and law enforcement and national security agencies just have to get used to the idea, according to John Michael McConnell, now a senior executive advisor at management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.
Cybersecurity firms unite against ‘Sony hackers’
Four cybersecurity firms are working together to investigate and take down the hacker collective known as Lazarus Group, believed to be behind the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 and operation DarkSeoul that targeted media and financial institutions in 2013.
Digital transformation initiatives = greater risks
The ongoing digital transformation initiatives in many organisations may bring many benefits but are also exposing them to greater risks, according to Darktrace.
Cyber-espionage groups starting to use Hacking Team exploits: Kaspersky
Cyberespionage groups have started using the tools Milan-based Hacking Team provided to its customers to carry out their own attacks, according to Kaspersky Lab.
Hacking Team leaks: We’re not out of the woods yet
Citizens and civil advocates may be reeling from the revelations that various governments, including those of Malaysia and Singapore, were using spyware from Milan-based Hacking Team, but there are other implications that are just as severe, Gabey Goh reports
Asia in the crosshairs of APT attackers: FireEye CTO
It's going to be a ‘fun’ upcoming decade for cybersecurity practitioners in Asia, as the rising wave of attacks and the awareness of them in the region reflect what happened in the United States 10 years ago.
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