Cyber Criminals

Protect banking credentials against malware this festive season
While threat actors continue to grow in numbers and sophistication globally and locally, a recent malware campaign targeting online shoppers' banking credentials in Malaysia was able to make off with sensitive data despite being fairly unsophisticated. 
NTT’s 2020 GTIR shows attack volumes up as cyber criminals innovate faster, automate attacks
Attackers using Covid-19 pandemic to launch attacks on vulnerable organizations Tech tops most attacked industry list for first time, toppling finance with 25% of attacks
Nigerian-phishing scammers steal more than just money
Cybercriminals are reaching deep into companies to steal IP and network plans.
Being proactive is the best defence: Ixia
Many organisations still do not fully appreciate the threat they are under, and the best defence is to be proactive about protecting your organisation's networks, says Ixia.
Smarter, shadier and stealthier cyber-crime forces dramatic change
The year 2013 saw cyber-criminals continuing to professionalise their ‘industry,’ offering easy to buy and use services that amplified the scale of cyber-crime to levels never seen before, according to Sophos.
USA vs the world: The problems with PRISM
Security professionals are 'surprised the public is surprised' over PRISM revelations Growing divide between USA and rest of the world apparent in PRISM stance
Social media worm resurgent, spam surges: McAfee
There has been a significant spike in instances of the Koobface social networking worm and a dramatic increase in spam, McAfee Labs said after releasing its McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2013.
Online scams: You can never be too careful
Online scams have been around a long time but recently, these con artists have begun using methods that blend traditional scare tactics with cyber-scam methods. That said, consumers can fight back by educating themselves and developing a healthy dose of cynicism, argues Edwin Yapp.
Against DDoS attacks, an end-to-end approach needed
A resurgence of large scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has put the heat on organizations around the world to ensure they are protected against the possibility of attack. DNA speaks to Tata Communications' head of Managed Security Solutions Eric Hemmendinger for his take on the threat landscape.
Mikko’s world: Governments, factories and washing machines
With the 10th editon of Malaysia’s premier cyber-security event HITBSecConf just around the corner, DNA speaks to one of its most popular speakers: Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure's chief research officer.
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