Security within organisations needs to be collaborative process, says Sophos
John Shier from Sophos lays down the importance of cybersecurity awareness amongst company leaders and employees, the need of a “security lifestyle” and how security needs to be a collaborative process.
Education sector not learning from the US$7mil cost of cyber-threats
Educational institutions across the world are not taking the right measurements against cyber-attacks, despite being a highly-targeted sector.
Asean CEOs cautiously optimistic about growth in the face of unprecedented headwinds
77% predict revenue growth of less than 2% over next three years: KPMG.
Singapore’s top 10 IT jobs set for the biggest salary gains in 2017
Starting salaries for Singapore’s IT professionals are set to grow by an average of 3.2% in 2017.
Fujitsu develops technology that identifies users vulnerable to cyber-attacks
Fujitsu Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd have announced the development of what they claimed was the industry’s first technology for identifying users vulnerable to cyber-attacks based on the ways they use their computers, such as their e-mail and web activities.
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