Crowdsourcing off to good start in Malaysia, challenges remain
Crowdsourcing under the Digital Malaysia initiative may have got off to a good start, but challenges remain, according to the head of national ICT custodian the Multimedia Development Corp (MDeC).
Crowd-funding lessons for start-ups … and a challenge
Crowd-funding is not new to Asia but has yet to really take off -- start-ups here are not making effective use of the platform, and the Crowdsourcing Week organizers hope to change that.
Crowdsourcing: It’s about disruptive business models
Crowdsourcing has brought the sexy back to the Internet but it is not an industry in itself – it’s a practice that is enabling and disrupting industries, says Crowdsourcing Week founder and CEO Epirot Ludvik Nekaj.
Diabetes device start-up seeks crowd-funding boost
Geob International Sdn Bhd has launched a crowd-funding drive to bring to market the first batch of its HypoBand medical alert device for diabetes patients.
Economic growth: A four-part solution for companies and countries
It’s time to source best practices from various nations to figure out how to get more from the money citizens are investing in growing their economies and companies. Here’s Verne Harnish with a prescription.
Helping startups find the right clique
Patronage platform CliqueFund wants to help start-ups extend community engagement with a different kind of crowd-funding, and is fully focused on a mobile delivery strategy with a private beta launch slated for early 2013.
Can we push them over the finishing line?
Only one of the seven projects in PitchIN, Malaysia’s inaugural crowd funding attempt, has crossed the 50% funding target, with some still at 2% of the amount to be raised. That is a real shame, writes Karamjit Singh.
pitchIN, the Kickstarter for Malaysia
pitchIN is the Malaysian version of Kickstarter, which bring crowdsourcing to fund for creative projects. There are some issues, however ...
Are you going to pitchIN?
The launch of pitchIN could not have gone better, but even its founders and supporters realize there are challenges ahead.
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