Greasing the cogs of an ecosystem
Perhaps a government-driven accreditation process for startups to evaluate their readiness in fulfilling requirements and providing adequate support might prove useful, but within a Malaysian context, it is hard to discount the general mistrust and lack of faith that persist when such grand goals boil down to execution, writes Gabey Goh.
BCPM gets second wind with new proposal
National ICT Human Resource Task Force chairman Professor Khairuddin Ab Hamid tells Goh Thean Eu that a new proposal to establish the Board of Computing Professionals Malaysia has been submitted to the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.
Computing Professionals Bill (CPB2011) on backburner … of sorts
It may be a temporary victory of sorts for opponents of the contentious Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (CPB2011) – it looks like the proposed legislation will be put on the backburner while more feedback is sought. An international IT body has also offered its assistance.
Computing Professionals Bill in last phase of deliberations
Deliberations on the contentious Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (CPB2011) championed by the National ICT Human Resource Task Force are entering the final phase before a modified proposal is to be presented to the Government.
ICT policies and the ‘blahdi garment’ reflex
The government’s track record when it comes to openness, transparency and accountability has been so woeful that Malaysians feel disenfranchised, lacking a voice and slow to trust anything that comes out of Putrajaya. When somebody feels cornered, they lash out — and usually it is at the most easily identified target.
CPB2011: Fix the fundamentals first
The CPB2011 calls for, among other things, the formation of a national body called the Board of Computing Professionals Malaysia (BCPM). But there is an essential schism between the proponents and opponents of the Bill. It does not help that the proponents have misread the objections of the tech community as the vocal response of a few.
Computing Professionals Bill; or, The Modern Frankenstein?
There is no doubt that among those pushing for the Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (#CPB2011 on Twitter) — which requires IT pros to be registered under a national body — are many who really believe that this is one way to raise the quality of IT professionals and practitioners in the country, and to ensure minimum security and safety standards are met for critical information networks. But they might just be creating a monster.
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