Coursera 2024 Global Skills Report: Malaysian learners record 806% rise in GenAI enrollments
Coursera's report reveals an 806% year-over-year increase in enrollments in GenAI courses among Malaysian learners, highlighting their readiness to acquire GenAI skills.
APAC is struggling to upskill its workforce. Can online platforms like Coursera plug that gap?
86 million workers in the region need upskilling Malaysians are motivated by government subsidies for green skilling 
Coursera's Career Academy target leaners for in-demand careers
Coursera, Inc. announces the launch of Career Academy for institutions, a new career training academy to prepare learners for in-demand jobs.
Coursera Global Skills Report 2021 Underpins Malaysia’s Urgent Need to Boost Digital Competency
Pace of skills transformation is slower than pace of digital transformation in Malaysia Skills needed for high-demand entry-level roles can be developed in a matter of months
MDEC partners Coursera to digitally upskill Malaysian workforce as part of #mydigitalworkforce initiative
As part of MDEC’s ‘Let’s Learn Digital’ campaign, MDEC has partnered with online learning platform Coursera to provide upskilling courses on critical digital skills to unemployed Malaysians.
MDEC to spearhead bigger push for big data adoption in Malaysia
Big data analytics will play a crucial role across all industry but there needs to be more talent in order to build this ecosystem.
MDEC’s big ambitions for big data & analytics
MDEC has had a busy 2016 in the area of Big Data and Analytics and aims to crown the year with the launch of its ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange or ADAX.
Malaysia focuses on building a data driven Asean
MDEC and Olygen officiate the start of Big Data Week Asia 2016. The week long congregation will host over 3,500 participants from across the region, 84 world-class speakers, 38 leading exhibitors, 41 sponsors and 17 satellite events focused on building a data driven Asean.
12 free courses: Learn online or on the go
In the spirit of Khan Academy, Winnie Lee looks at free apps that can help you expand our knowledge – and they’re all free!
Seven institutes to offer data science courses: MDeC
MDeC said that seven public and private institutes of higher learning in country will be offering data science courses to university students, graduates and working professionals for careers in data analytics.
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