Corporate Espionage

Can we trust our tech companies?
Yahoo is accused of spying on customers. The Yahoo Mail spam filter was modified into a spying tool. After these revelations, can we really trust any tech company, asks Ajith Ram.
C-suite still largely clueless about cybersecurity: IBM study
Many leaders across the C-suite are confused about who the true cybersecurity adversary is and how to effectively combat them, according to a study recently released by IBM Security and IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV).
Corporate sabotage: It’s DDoS war, companies say
48% of companies surveyed believe they know the identity and motivation of those behind recent DDoS attacks against them, with many naming competitors as key culprits.  
Cyber-espionage groups starting to use Hacking Team exploits: Kaspersky
Cyberespionage groups have started using the tools Milan-based Hacking Team provided to its customers to carry out their own attacks, according to Kaspersky Lab.
Kaspersky Lab corporate network targeted by Duqu 2.0
Kaspersky Lab said its internal networks were targeted by what it believes is the same group that was behind the Duqu advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks of 2011.
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