Astro uses broadband to entice commercial customers with BIZfibre
New offering comes in 5 packages, 3 with commercial TV, 2 without Marketed as legal solution to entertainment solution for the enterprise Astro today introduced BIZfibre, which it claims is a more stable high-speed broadband service that is paired with commercial TV packs. 
Bread & Kaya 30: 2021 Cyberlaw cases in the recovery period ..Pt 3
Leading artists, Red Hong Yi & Namewee cash in on hot 2021 NFT market Eye on digital banks, Grab and constitutionality of s. 233 of the CMA 1998
Astro hails IP High Court’s decision on copyright infringement
Sale of boxes with unauthorised access to copyrighted works deemed illegal Industry lauds court’s judgement as bold step in right direction against piracy
Xentral Methods bets on e-book market
From an engineer who could not land a job in Kuala Lumpur, Faiz Al-Shahab is now running a promising South-East Asian e-book and interactive content portal that has successfully raised funding and hit almost US$270,000 in revenue last year. Karamjit Singh has the story.
Global cultural treasures we will lose for 20yrs under the TPP
What do Japan’s Blue Sky Library, Malaysia’s answer to John Wayne, and the first recorded composer from New Zealand, all have in common? They could all disappear from their countries’ public domain for the next 20 years, if the current agreement on copyright term extension in the TPP holds, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm of the EFF.
Free your IP, and make money: Mohan Sawhney
The concept of intellectual property (IP) as a proprietary source of revenue is being challenged by other monetisation models, said renowned scholar and speaker Mohan Sawhney.
Asian countries battle IP ‘maximalism’ in leaked TPP chapter
The leak of the TPP's IP chapter confirms that we were all right to be worried – the TPP is indeed bad news, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
Mapping out an IP strategy
The Malaysian Government has made moves towards enabling IP rights to be valued and also used as collateral to obtain financing; but companies too must look at their IP assets and prepare to either leverage or protect what they have created, writes Gabey Goh.
Copyright enforcement is killing people
Whilst copyright owners have rights, consumers have rights too. Dr Jeremy Malcolm looks at how the copyright enforcement industry has overstepped the bounds of proportionality and fairness.
Information wants to be free, so we won’t pay for it
Many Malaysian websites seem unaware that intellectual property rights apply to online content as well, while others are more unscrupulous -- confident that they can get away with copying and pasting others’ content.
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