Unlock US$500mil enterprise value opportunity with data literacy
The Data Literacy Index reveals correlation between company performance and workforce data literacy.
Bank Islam partners Cognizant to drive digital Islamic banking
Collaboration will lay the foundation of digital banking platform across the bank’s entire network.
Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning
AI and ML are expected to completely redefine operations, creating new opportunities to bolster competitive advantage.
From ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital’
As a society, we’ve embraced digital tools to replace traditional ways of working. The crux of digital transformation, however, lies in learning to go from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital.’
Four steps to building sustainable relationships with consumers
The powerful combination of halo data and predictive analytics enables businesses to better understand each consumer and to create new consumer intimacy and immediacy models, writes Jayajyoti Sengupta of Cognizant.
To get to the ambient computing future, we need IoT standards
Many organisations are still waiting for universal standardisation and regulatory bodies to make IoT a reality, but there may be an alternative, writes Venkataraman Krishnan of Cognizant.
Cognizant opens new delivery centre in Malaysia
Cognizant has opened a new delivery centre in Cyberjaya, saying it would add 100 new jobs to the 300 it already has in the country.
Who’s driving your car?
Prasad Satyavolu of Cognizant discusses how the second wave of connected car will see businesses leverage technology to address issues of urbanisation – road congestion, pollution and safer mobility.
The rapid rise of the chief digital officer
Organisations need strong digital leadership to helm the growth agenda, and one way to go about doing this is to inject ‘digital thinking’ into the core, writes Manish Bahl of Cognizant.
Strategic execution and why you need to invest in INVEST
To address the strategic execution challenge, many organisations are adopting a Strategic Execution Framework (SEF) model, writes Jon Hughes of Cognizant, who also explains the model.
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