Cloud Storage

Barracuda cloud-to-cloud backup launches with support for Office 365
Barracuda Networks Inc has announced the launch of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, beginning with support for Microsoft Office 365.
Seagate goes the cloud path to help companies manage data growth
Seagate Technology has announced several product updates and its new Cloud Systems and Solutions group (CSS), which it declared would deliver the world’s most scalable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective cloud service architectures and solutions.
Some gaps but no divide for gender in the cloud: F-Secure
Is there a gender divide when it comes to how people deal with digital content? According to a recent F-Secure survey, men pay more attention to how much content they have than women do, but women are sharing it on Facebook more frequently.
WD Se hard drives for ‘scale-out’ data centre use
WD has officially announced the availability of its WD Se line of hard drives in Malaysia, which together with the WD Xe and WD Re lines, makes a compelling case for positioning hard-disk drive (HDD) technology at the heart of the cloud computing surge.
HDS launches enterprise-class file sync & share solution
HDS has made its debut in the nascent space of enterprise-class file share and sync, announcing solutions and services that it claims would help companies adopt cloud computing more readily.
Eyeing double-digit growth, NetApp fires up flash storage
In order to help businesses meet the demand for speed and extend its leadership position in the market, NetApp has beefed up its enterprise-class flash storage portfolio.
Parallels innovations to ease SMB cloud transition
Parallels has announced a slew of new products aimed at making the delivery of cloud services to small and medium businesses a more seamless experience.
Seagate announces Cloud Builder partner category
Seagate recently announced the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance, a new strategic partner category within its existing Seagate Partner Program, that provides technical information, customer insights, market knowledge and delivers the tools partners need to expand their businesses providing cloud storage technology.
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