Are data analytics companies able to serve the ‘multi-faced’ Asian customers?
Data analytics is on the rise in Asia but are the data analytics service providers able to serve the ‘multi-faced’ Asian customers?
Delivering digital banking experience with security as priority
The digitization of banking services and operations will bring forth a new breed of offerings to consumers Despite the severity of threats for banks, their security readiness is not much higher than companies in other sectors. */
Cloud adoption goes mainstream, yet value not maximised
Cisco releases the findings of a global study indicating that while cloud adoption continues to accelerate, few organisations are maximising the value that cloud can offer.
Digital transformation: Again, it’s about people, not technology
Too many companies focus their transformation efforts on IT and business processes, too often neglecting the most critical element: Their people, writes Albert Chai of Cisco Malaysia.
Digitisation: It’s not just about technology, people!
Technology is only a single element in digitisation, but companies put too much emphasis on it, says the Cisco regional chief.
Sound the alarm: Huawei is out to disrupt the enterprise IT giants
After spending the past two decades disrupting the telecommunications industry, Huawei is now aiming to make its presence felt in the enterprise IT space.
CliQr will remain independent, promises Cisco
Cisco’s acquisition of CliQr has all the signs of ‘a perfect marriage,’ says Cisco VP Soni Jiandani, who promises the platform will continue to be agnostic and independent.
Consolidate your security vendors, urges Cisco
Cisco expects enterprises and companies to consolidate the number of security vendors they use, as IT security becomes increasingly harder to manage.
Digital transformation not about ROI: Cisco exec
Digital transformation may not always translate into a return on investment (ROI), but it is a key ingredient for companies simply to survive, said a top Cisco Systems Inc executive.
Cybersecurity defenders getting less confident: Cisco report
Only 45% of organisations worldwide are confident in their security posture as today’s attackers launch more sophisticated, bold, and resilient campaigns, according to the recently released Cisco Annual Security Report for 2016.
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