AIA adopts ‘best of breed’ for post-integration transformation
Chose the best IT systems from AIA and ING to be adopted post-integration IT sees itself playing a business enabler role, no longer support function
‘Shadow IT’ a pall on Malaysian IT landscape: VMware survey
The latest edition of the annual VMware Cloud Index showed that many business executives in Malaysia believe that their IT investments are not aligned with their companies’ business objectives, and that if their IT departments cannot deliver, they ‘will go elsewhere’ – that is, the public cloud.
CMOs are getting bolder, but CIOs have nothing to fear
At a roundtable discussion hosted by TIME dotCom Bhd and Digital News Asia (DNA) recently, IT leaders discussed the evolving role of the CIO and how they are bridging the gap between their departments and the rest of the organisation, especially marketing.
More see IT security as strategic to their business: Frost survey
Organisations are taking a more strategic approach towards IT security, according to a Frost & Sullivan survey of South-East Asia and Hong Kong, commissioned by network security solutions provider Fortinet.
59% of APAC enterprises have ‘Internet of Things’ plans: Global IT body
More than half (59%) of Asia Pacific organisations have plans to capitalise on the increase of connected devices known as the ‘Internet of Things,’ according to ISACA, the global association of 110,000 IT security, assurance, governance and risk professionals.
I’ll get right on that, boss – data centre ownership
In many cases, we make pragmatic decisions or fail to implement a reasonably decent solution because the long term risks of ownership cast dark clouds over our choices, writes Mark Thiele.
For a CIO, the real trick lies in asking the right question
The notion of a ‘next generation CIO’ may make for an evergreen keynote topic, but there hasn’t really been a fundamental shakedown of the core role, according to SingTel group chief information officer Choy Peng Wu.
In the new world, the CIO challenge is manifold
Current technology megatrends such as mobility, social media, cloud computing and big data require a new paradigm in IT operations and CIO thinking.
Choose the right IT systems to innovate
Traditional IT systems simply aren’t designed to handle today’s demanding tasks, and companies are seeking to modernise their data centres – but what should they look for?
Virtualisation savings can be quantified: IDC
The deployment of server virtualisation in Malaysia over the past decade could have resulted in potential cost savings of up to US$262 million, according to new research by IDC.
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