Digerati50: Educating through entertainment
Didi & Friends was Sinan Ismail's solution to solving a personal problem. It led to a co-production deal with Astro, four years later, while racking up 6.6 mil YouTube views.
Digerati50: Learning the world-class game
With a global licensing deal with Mattel, signed in 2015, its game on for Vision Animation and its CEO, Low Huoi Seong.
DigiCFC7 community challenge sees emphasis on children
Two of the three winning ideas of the seventh Digi Challenge for Change (DigiCFC7) programme revolved around children – one for the medical needs of finiancally-disadvantaged children, and the other for an edutainment app.
Most SEA parents want their kids on devices: Study
An overwhelming majority (98%) of South-East Asian parents allow their young children to use smartphones or tablets – despite most of them also being concerned about the negative effects, according to a study by regional parenting portal
A dad, a daughter and an app
Erwan’s 7-year-old daughter’s brainchild is an app available on Apple’s app store Don’t make assumptions about where the biggest markets for your app would be
Internet in schools: Malaysian parents concerned about privacy
A new survey shows that Malaysian parents have high hopes for the benefits that modern Internet services such as email and document collaboration offer to their children in school, but overwhelmingly margin believe these services must not be allowed to engage in online advertising or data mining of children’s personal information.
Kids pulling the wool over parents’ eyes: Cyber-safety study
Teen and ‘tweens’ seem to have the upper hand over their parents, engaging in risky online behaviour while being savvy enough to hide it from their folks, according to a cyber-safety study  by security solutions provider McAfee.
Say hello to Malaysia’s ‘Trend Family’
Trend Micro Inc has launched an Internet safety community initiative known as the ‘Trend Family’ and aimed at educating families, youth and kids in Malaysia on protecting their digital lives.
The most dangerous virtual playground for kids: Social networks, and porn
According Kaspersky Lab, children made more than 52 million attempts to visit social networks, and more than 25 million attempts to access pornographic sites -- in the last month alone!
Parents worried about online dangers, especially porn and social networks
As the Internet plays an increasingly prominent role in children’s lives, parents are getting increasingly worried about the ease with which undesirable content can be accessed online, security software company Kaspersky Lab said, citing the growing number of people activating the Parental Control component in its products.
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