CFM Animatch 2019 calls for entries
Offers a cash prize of RM8,500 to the champion.
Making high-speed internet more affordable for Malaysians
CFM believes that consumers have the right to better quality internet access that can help shape Malaysia into an advanced information society.
CFM 2017 complaints resolution rate rises
Billing & Charging and Network Coverage remain the highest complaint categories.
CFM Forum 2017 greets the digital consumer
A forum organised by the CFM examines how the digital consumers of today shape the future.
Fed up of Malaysian telcos? There’s an app for that
The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia has announced the My Mobile Rights app to 'facilitate consumer engagement and promote self-education.'
False registration of SIM cards on the rise, CFM warns
Some agents and dealers are using consumers’ personal information to register fake accounts for sale to their other customers, CFM warned.
CFM has FAQ on GST rebate for prepaid users
The Communication & Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia has prepared an FAQ on the Malaysian Government’s announcement that prepaid users are entitled to rebates on the GST.
Spam SMS on the rise in Malaysia, CFM steps in
There has been a “notable increase” in the number of complaints over unsolicited or spam SMSes in Malaysia year-on-year, leading the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) to saying that it will stepping up efforts in this area.
Service providers lax on complaints, CFM wants review
CFM has filed a review of the General Consumer Code of Practice for the Communications and Multimedia Industry Malaysia (GCC) with industry regulator MCMC in a bid increase service provider efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.
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