Startupism 101: Lessons learned covering the ecosystem
DNA cofounder A. Asohan, inspired by a week-long prescription drug-induced haze, decides to ‘give back’ to the startup ecosystem.
Censorship in Malaysia: Expect the walls to close in further
Malaysians should be very concerned with the increased cases of Internet censorship by the Government in recent months, signalling worse days ahead for freedom of expression and information in the country, CIJ warns.
Spurned by Medium, MCMC strikes back, users suffer
Blog-publishing Medium has been blocked in Malaysia, a sign that the country is not quite ready for the bigger world out there, writes A. Asohan.
Intelectasia gets CIP 500 grant to take ‘Supernewsroom’ regional
Malaysian PR consultancy Intelectasia has been awarded a CIP 500 grant by Cradle Fund to expand its Supernewsroom to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.
IDA warns Singtel over social media smear campaign
The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) said it has issued a stern warning to Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) for its role in a negative marketing campaign against competitors M1 Ltd and StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd
How NOT to engage tech journalists
Some websites have articles by bloggers on how to engage journalists, but what works for bloggers doesn’t necessarily work for journalists, notes Gabey Goh.
Journos and bloggers revisited: What’s the diff?
After scolding PR agencies for not being able to tell the difference between bloggers and journalists, A. Asohan now has the tough job trying to explain it all.
We’re all bloggers, we are
A. Asohan has  a '101' message to all public relations agencies and conference organizers: Journalists are not bloggers, or vice versa.
Reading the fine print
There's more than meets the eye to the recent debacle over Samsung's alleged threat to strand two bloggers in Berlin for not toeing the company line, writes Gabey Goh.
Unhealthy relationships: PR, bloggers and the media
The recent situation in which Samsung apparently threatened to strand two India-based bloggers in Berlin for not drinking the company Kool-Aid has disturbing insights into how companies engage bloggers, and the bloggers’ own culpability in this relationship.
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