Pemanfaatan cloud computing untuk startup dan pariwisata
70% promosi wisata dilakukan melalui media berbasis teknologi Microsoft Azure telah dimanfaatkan oleh lebih dari 300 startup
Doctor Gratis Plus, konsultasi kesehatan menggunakan smartphone
Kawasan Asia Pasifik akan berkontribusi 30% dari market share pasar mHealth Setelah layanan gratis, Doctor Gratis kini hadirkan layanan premium berbayar
Microsoft expands BizSpark programmes for startups in Singapore
Microsoft has announced an expansion of the Microsoft BizSpark programme in Singapore, introducing two new features.
Singapore startup Skoolbo out to boost education for millions worldwide
Singapore startup Skoolbo said its game-based education platform, which runs on Microsoft Corp’s Azure PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering, has reached more than five million students in 22,000 schools globally over the past 12 months.
Microsoft Ventures' quest to change minds, build relationships
Offers startups tools, resources, expertise and routes to market Provides mentorship, tech guidance, seed funding, joint selling opportunities, etc.
Capturing your baby’s milestones with InstaB
No surprise here -- a first-time father who just happens to be a mobile techie is the brains behind InstaB, an iPhone app that provides a one-click solution for parents to customise their baby photos or videos.
Dappleworks finds its angel at DemoAsia
Reza Ismail, director at Rofarez Solutions, has a big dream for his software startup: “Our vision is to develop SAP level business software, deliver it on the cloud, akin to flying in a world-class airline at AirAsia prices.”
Silicon Valley’s secret sauce: Code Army marches on (Part II)
Code Army wants to use the concept of Gamification [the use of game design principles in applications outside of games] to solve the problem of talent shortage that companies face. Here, in the second of two parts, its ‘commander-in-chief’ describes how his team went to the heart of the tech world, and the challenges it faced.
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