80bil incidents of post-infection malware activity in 2013: Dell
The Dell SonicWALL Threat Research Team has released its annual threat report, which revealed trends in zero-day vulnerabilities and new cybercriminal tactics. eyes organic growth, adds Bitcoin to the mix passes 100,000 registered users, aims to increase sales and merchants Optimistic on future of cryptocurrencies, adds Bitcoin as a payment method
Bitcoin-mining malware on the rise in APAC: Trend Micro
Bitcoin has gained the attention and interest of hackers and cybercriminals, said Internet security vendor Trend Micro Inc.
Efforts to subvert digital signature validation on Android, says McAfee
There are new efforts to circumvent digital signature app validation on Android-based devices, according to security solutions vendor McAfee.
Investing in Bitcoin: What does it take?
If you are thinking of investing or transacting in Bitcoin, or are just intrigued by how it works, here are a few things you should know, courtesy of iMoney Malaysia editor Iris Lee.
Silk Road reboots: For real, or just a honeypot?
Silk Road has reportedly reopened, though it is anybody’s guess whether the rebirth of the online drugs and weapons black market is for real, or in fact a honeypot, writes Lisa Vaas.
The Silk Road arrests, and why users should be worried
While the NSA will never be able to de-anonymise all Tor users all of the time, now law enforcement has its hands on the servers that allow it to do just that with Silk Road buyers and drug dealers. Those users should be nervous, writes Lisa Vaas.
Bitcoin botnet ZeroAccess tops threat list: Fortinet
Bitcoin mining botnet ZeroAccess was the number one threat this quarter, according to the latest FortiGuard threat landscape report, while two new Android adware variants have climbed the watch list in the last 90 days.
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