Bill Gates

The most influential CEOs on Twitter, and how they got there
Digital leaders who get the most attention for themselves and their brands on social media are those who share their personal causes, express their hopes and ambitions, and engage with their followers, writes David Dubois of INSEAD.
Baking in security, the Microsoft way
With Windows still holding a dominant desktop market share, Microsoft believes it has a view into security that no other vendor has, and can muster resources others lack, writes Benjamin Cher.
What’s Next: Think about zero, or become irrelevant
Traditional companies need to urgently reinvent their business models by adopting the ‘Innovate to Zero’ concept or risk becoming irrelevant in the market, Frost & Sullivan senior partner Manoj Menon told the What’s Next conference in Cyberjaya.
The incredible strangeness of being Serguei Beloussov
Entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov returned to take the reins of the company he founded in 2001, setting a new mission and vision for Acronis. Here, he tells DNA executive editor A. Asohan what the challenges are.
The colourful life of Larry Ellison, and his resignation
Last week, the enterprise IT world got a shock when Oracle Corp announced that Larry Ellison, chief executive officer (CEO) of the company he cofounded, will step down after being at the helm for 37 years. Edwin Yapp recounts some of the eccentric moments in his life. 
Inside Microsoft: A peek into the heart of an empire
Microsoft, once dominant but now the underdog, seems to be in its own bubble But that bubble does have cutting-edge innovation, as a Redmond tour shows
New Microsoft CEO Satya has to step out to step up
22-year Microsoft vet Satya Nadella brings a combination of business nous and technical chops to the CEO role, but unless he can step out from the shadow of Gates and Ballmer, it will be the same difference, writes A. Asohan.
The Ballmer hate: In the end, he was only human
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who has announced he will be resigning, has had to deal with unfair criticism of his leadership at times, but ultimately, the market will out, writes A. Asohan.
Microsoft CEO Ballmer to quit within a year, successor yet to be named
Microsoft Corp chief executive officer Steve Ballmer has announced his intention to retire within the next 12 months, after he has chosen his successor.
The greatest business decisions of all time
If there’s one thing that every growth company must do to build and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy, it’s making great decisions. And sometimes, the most unlikely business decisions bear the greatest fruit, writes Verne Harnish.
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