(2013 Top 10 Story) Online has most balanced GE13 coverage: Media watchdog
Actual data from a media monitoring initiative has proven what many Malaysians have suspected all along: That the online media provides more balanced political coverage than the mainstream media.
Counterpoint: PM’s Genovasi drive just doesn’t jive
Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has launched the Genovasi Challenge, which urges youths to “stop complaining and do something” – yet his own Administration punishes those who do so.
Political déjà vu before our very eyes
Many things have been said about the amendments to the Evidence Act, which led to the #Stop 114A campaign, including in our very own commentaries. In one more opinion piece, Edwin Yapp ponders whether the powers that be truly listened to the people and made a good faith attempt to really relook at the amendments.
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