Bernard Sia

National Data Sharing Policy Discussion panel: Data is the new currency, yes, but…
Ina National Data Sharing Policy panel, business leaders shared insights on overcoming hurdles to harness the power of data analytics and improve productivity.
Digerati50 networking goes metaverse
50 Digerati50 & 10 C-suite leaders will converge in full virtual reality McKinsey report shows US$5 trillion metaverse ecosystem by 2030
Eating your own dog food
DNA columnist Bernard Sia with some simple tests that can help IT customers determine if that vendor is good enough.
The TPP and Malaysian IT firms
The lowering of trade barriers -- which the TPP proposes -- cuts both ways. Despite the foreign influx of labour and products, it also provides opportunity to gain further access into trade members' markets, writes Bernard Sia.
Questions from IT grads … and some answers
DNA columnist Bernard Sia, after engaging with IT graduates, shares his thoughts on, and responses to, some of the questions they asked him.
Making sense of big data
Some players focus too much on the mysticism surrounding big data while ignoring a reality that is far more dynamic and complex. Here is DNA columnist Bernard Sia’s take.
The right to brand
In the IT industry, where products are virtual and experiences amorphous, ‘branding’ can be a stretch, especially when companies insist on playing the shy, demure and modest damsel with their products, writes Bernard Sia.
Are we really partners?
IT vendors and customers alike keep singing the ‘partnership’ tune, but you’re not partners unless you have skin in the game, writes Bernard Sia.
Choke-holding performance with process controls
The trouble with governance, audit and process implementations is that organisations tend to elevate process adherence above and beyond business performance, writes Bernard Sia.
The Malaysian SME, via casual business encounters
Why are SMEs still a tough nut to crack for technopreneurs hoping to sell their IT solutions? DNA columnist Bernard Sia offers some insights.
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