Indonesia's eFishery nets US$200m funding, claims to be first aquaculture startup to cross US$1bil valuation
Led by 42XFund from Abu Dhabi, with Malaysia's KWAP, 500 Global & others eFishery contributed 1.55% of Indonesian aquaculture sector GDP in 2022
Umitron expands early stage funding to US$11mil
Starts data service for aquaculture insurance leveraging on IoT and satellite remote sensing.
Feeding The World
Idea behind Aquagrow arose when Mohamed Razali Mohamed, returned to Malaysia after spending 15 years in Australia Know the business well before starting, thoroughly research and do a proof of concept before embarking on commercial effort
Indonesia’s eFishery raises undisclosed pre-Series A funding
Indonesia’s eFishery, a smart fish feeder manufacturer, said it has secured pre-Series A funding from Dutch aquaculture investment fund Aqua-spark and Indonesian venture capital (VC) firm Ideosource.
eFishery dapat dana investasi pra-Seri A dari Aqua-spark dan Ideosource
Dewi Fortuna sedang menghampiri eFishery, produsen alat pemberi pakan ikan pintar (smart fish feeder). Perusahaan asal Indonesia ini, mengumumkan secara resmi bahwa perusahaannya telah menerima dana investasi pra-Seri A dari Aqua-spark, dana investasi berbasis di Belanda dan modal ventura asal Indonesia bernama Ideosource.
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