Review: Flash Plus 2 misses the mark
WHAT is your opinion of the Flash brand? Come on, admit it. It is hardly a brand which jumps out when you think of smartphones. In a market flooded with advertising from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei, one would be tempted to ask Flash who?   This does not mean that the company's smartphones are a laughing matter. In fact, judging by the previous Flash phones, the new Flash Plus 2 might be something to look forward to.
Google planning Android 'shame' list
Android manufacturers to be ranked on updates Apple devices ahead on running latest OS version   FRAGMENTATION has been one of the great challenges facing Android and now, Google is getting serious about remedying this. It is planning a carrot and stick approach to implementing the solution.  
Orion VR coming to Malaysia
ECS to distribute Orion VR Available in two form factors    
Google beats Oracle in Java trial
Jury accepts fair use argument Oracle plans to appeal verdict   THERE is an African saying that when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. A lot of grass in the IT sector will be breathing a sigh of relief now that Google has won agianst Oracle in its Java API fair use court fight.  
Samsung launches new tablet
Galaxy Tab A competes against Apple's iPad Mini Bigger battery, faster processor and Kids Mode
Operating systems announce marriage
All Android apps will work on Chrome OS Chrome OS admins can control app installs   The OS marriage of the century is finally on. Android and Chrome OS are about to get hitched and every app on Android is invited.  
Google gets into VR - again
Daydream mobile VR for Android Certified phones from partners At Google's I/O developer conference, the company's VR Czar, Clay Bavor announced Daydream, a new mobile VR initiative for Android.  
Google ups the app ante, embraces iOS
At Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the company announced new updates to its Universal App Campaigns and Firebase for mobile app developers.
Viking Horde ready to invade
Viking Horde conducts ad fraud, but can also be used for other attack purposes such as DDoS attacks, spam messages, and more
Coolpad arrives with two new phones
Indonesia becomes first country to get Max and Max Lite Available in India, Vietnam and Europe in next two months   CHINA-based company Coolpad unveiled its two new devices, Coolpad Max and Max Lite  in Indonesia. The global launch of these two products is a major step for Coolpad in 2016.