Amit Yoran

Most APAC organisations breached, the rest don’t know they’ve been hit!
Asia essentially has a bull’s eye painted on it, and economic growth is going to make matters worse, writes Benjamin Cher.
Cybersecurity industry facing AI, privacy and trust issues: RSA president
The security industry today faces unprecedented issues of privacy and trust, while technologies like AI and machine learning still need the human touch, RSA president Amit Yoran tells DNA in an interview.
The threat landscape runneth over, here’s what we need to do
After having slept, drunk and eaten at the recent RSA Conference Asia Pacific and Japan (RSAC APJ) in Singapore, Benjamin Cher gathers his thoughts and comes away with some key takeaways.
Size doesn’t matter in cybersecurity: RSA research
While larger organisations are typically thought of as having the resources to mount a more substantive cyber-defence, the results of an RSA survey indicate that size is not a determinant of strong cybersecurity maturity.
Security industry needs to abandon fear and trepidation: RSA chief
Society’s digital interdependence now requires new norms of behaviour, more effective security measures, and greater cooperation, said Art Coviello, executive vice president of EMC Corp and executive chairman of RSA, EMC’s security division.
Security chiefs call for investments in ‘transformative’ technologies
The Security for Business Innovation Council, comprising top security leaders from Global 1000 enterprises, is advocating technology investment in three key areas and also recommending specific security technologies to better build anticipatory defences.
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