Alexander Fernandez

Digerati50: Baking and switching on the Malaysian games industry
Latino American entrepreneur, Alexander Fernandez is bringing on the heat Love for creativity, business and technology sees birth of exciting original IP
Level Up KL 2016: Quality education fundamental to nurturing videogame talent
Hasnul Hadi, ‎Director of Creative Content & Technologies Division at ‎MDEC feels that there is now increased awareness about videogames among investors and educational institutions.
Retelling the Malaysian story: From talent to creativity and technology
Alexander Fernandez has been building his videogame company from KL since 2010 and says Malaysia has a lot of positives in its creative multimedia space.
Creative content industry: Where the real value lies
Malaysians know quite well that the bane of all government initiatives lies in the execution. What the DNA-TeAM Disrupt sharing session on Nov 20 did was to open DNA founder Karamjit Singh's eyes to the Achilles’ heel of our creative multimedia industry – distribution.  
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