Google launches free tools, features to help get Indonesian SMEs online
Test My Site, Postings in Google Bisnisku and a new way to manage a Google Bisnisku page from any browser are all free.
Google introduces new, mobile-focused AdWords format
Google has introduced a new AdWords format that it said would help businesses charge forward in the mobile-first era.
How to rebrand like Google
A rebrand is never something that should be taken lightly, and if you want to pull a Google-style rebrand, there a few hoops you must jump through in order to ensure that the rebrand is the right choice for your business, writes Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey.
Google AdSense now available in Malay
Google has announced that AdSense, its online solution for publishers to earn money from advertisements, now officially supports Malay.
Week in Review: Abuses of power, and leadership changes
It has been a week of ‘2s’ for Karamjit Singh as he talks about the two leadership changes DNA wrote about, and two abuses of power, with one striking very close to the heart for him.
Google investigating AdWords allegations in Malaysia, Singapore
Google Inc is investigating a complaint from a small Kuala Lumpur-based digital advertising agency which is alleging that the US tech giant’s employees in Malaysia and Singapore had tampered with its AdWords account and gone behind its back to directly deal with its client.
Google appoints Exabytes as AdWords SME partner
Google has appointed Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, a webhosting and e-commerce solutions provider, as its latest Google AdWords Premier SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) Partner (PSP) in Malaysia.
Google's AdWords platform in Bahasa aimed at Malaysian SMEs
Google Malaysia has officially launched the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) or Malay version of its AdWords advertising platform in Malaysia, a move the search giant claimed would give MEs the opportunity to reach the majority of the country’s population.
Google launches AdWords program for Malaysian SMEs
Google Malaysia has launched the Premier SME Partnership Program, designed to bring digital marketing to more Malaysian SMEs by fostering a network of partners dedicated to providing specialized services that help SMEs grow.
Google issues challenge to get certified
Google Malaysia has launched its Malaysia Google Certification Program (GCP) Challenge for search engine marketing platform AdWords in a bid to increase the number of certified professionals in the market.
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