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SuitApp puts a personal stylist in your pocket: Page 2 of 3


The heart of SuitApp is really its AI, which was built by the startup’s team of seven in-house developers led by Sinitcin, who is a full-stack developer himself.

Grebenshchikova reveals that even before the AI was built, the founders worked with a professional stylist who created a set of fashion ‘rules’ – things like how to match colours and shades, what designs work with which body types, what shoes work with what outfits and which bags match the shoes, and so on.

“It was all created in written form first, and we gave it to a mathematician who created formulae out of it. Then the developers took the formulae and coded them to create the AI,” she explains.

As the user uses the app, the AI is able to learn their fashion preferences, what they like and do not like, and what they buy, so that as time goes by the recommendations become stronger.

“We are adding more algorithms all the time, but we will soon be adding machine learning to the app so the AI can recommend outfits by itself,” adds Chuiko.

In addition to the AI, SuitApp has four professional human stylists who actively create outfits and upload them to the app through the portal SuitApp has created for them. Any outfit created by these stylists that matches a user’s needs will be gathered by the machine and displayed on the user’s interface.

Constant improvement

SuitApp has been revised about 15 times since its launch last year; the founders say a new version is released about every three weeks. The team works in sprints, allowing two weeks for the developers to fix bugs and create new features and then testing the new version and releasing it.

“We have taken huge steps in less than one year. If you compare our first version and the current one you can see it’s completely different in design and user experience,” says Chuiko.

“We’ve come a long way in a short time. We’ve been working really hard in the last 6 months trying to improve the app,” adds Grebenshchikova.

The lean startup model has proven effective for SuitApp, allowing it to continuously make quick and necessary improvements. There are more on the cards this month: besides the update to the avatar, SuitApp will introduce new social features. By the end of February, users will be able to follow friends on the app.

Other social features that will soon be included are the ability to recommend outfits to friends within the app (users are already able to share outfits on social media), comment on outfits, and follow and communicate with stylists on the app.

The founders’ grand plan is to make SuitApp a one-stop platform where users can get style advice, shop, and communicate with each other and with stylists without having to use social media platforms or messaging services.

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