Sponsored Post: Welcome relief for Klang Valley residents

Sponsored Post: Welcome relief for Klang Valley residents

THE political turbulence that has rocked Malaysia has also thrown into stark relief the higher living costs Malaysians have been hit with.
Cognisant of the impact to their wallets, the leading taxi-app startup in South-East Asia, GrabTaxi, known as MyTeksi in Malaysia, has just cut the price for its GrabCar (Economy) service – by 31%, making it one of the most affordable transport modes in the Klang Valley.

Sponsored Post: Welcome relief for Klang Valley residents

With August being the month that Malaysians celebrate Merdeka (Independence Day), a GrabCar spokesperson explains, “To us, independence is the freedom to move around and the freedom of choice.
“This is why GrabCar is slashing our fares by 31% to be the most affordable on-demand car with driver service. GrabCar (Economy) offers KL (Kuala Lumpur) folk a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to travel the way they want.”
GrabCar is a preferred app-based car with driver service, powered by the MyTeksi mobile application. There is also a premium version. GrabCar offers casual rides for daily use and complements MyTeksi’s offerings by fulfilling unmet demand during peak hours when the frustration of not getting a taxi can be a common occurrence.
Another common occurrence, unfortunately, can be fare shock. But this is where GrabCar’s fixed rate charges, displayed upfront, are welcomed by customers. The fare is calculated based on the distance between the pick-up and drop-off points and estimated travel time, making it the best option to take in heavy traffic.
No surge pricing practised here, nor the midnight surcharge – making this yet another much welcome feature of the GrabCar service.
Surge pricing is a dynamic pricing mechanism where, during certain time periods, passengers will be subjected to paying more than the stated fare multiplied by a specific multiplier from 1.0 times to 4.0 times during peak hours. But GrabCar customers will not have to worry about this.
With this being the first time GrabCar (Economy) has lowered its price by such a large percentage since its launch in May 2014, the hope is that the move will make it the most affordable service of its kind while delivering on its three key pillars of safety, speed and certainty.
This move now makes its fares even lower than budget taxis. Previously, it consistently priced itself slightly above or similar to the rate of budget taxis.

Sponsored Post: Welcome relief for Klang Valley residents

While GrabCar users enjoy the same security features offered by MyTeksi – such as live trackable rides, receiving driver’s details before they arrive, and the Share My Ride function that allows passengers to share their journey with loved ones in real-time – there are additional processes to qualify the vehicles and drivers which lead to enhanced safety and higher customer satisfaction.
The vehicles and drivers are subjected to a thorough screening process that consists of the following:

  • Possess valid driving licence
  • Pass JPJ (Road Transport Department) and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) summons check
  • Acceptable grooming standards
  • Able to converse in English and Bahasa Malaysia

“But that’s not all we have in store this Merdeka month. Something luxurious is coming your way, so stay tuned to find out more,” says the GrabCar spokesperson.
The price cuts, taken together with its other features, all designed with an eye to ensuring high customer satisfaction and experience, truly makes GrabCar (Economy) one of the few good deals that can bring a smile to the faces of Malaysian consumers.

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